Festival Beauty and Fashion Lookbook | 2018

Hello my loves,

Its been a HOT MINUTE since I posted on here! I’m pretty sure the last time I posted was in March, which is waaay too long ago. In my defence, this year has been a whirlwind to say the least, which I will get into if I decide to post my life update. But if I’m being honest, as well as being busy, I have also been extremely lazy with keeping this up to date. I know resolutions are supposed to happen in January but I am making a resolution now to try and get at least 1 post up on here a month. This truly is my passion that I have missed and I want to continue to love and do this for the foreseeable future.

Okay, rant over, we can now get into what this post is about: Festivals! Honestly, I live for festivals in the Summer and they are something I look forward to each year. As festival season is coming to an end (much to my dismay) what better way to keep up the festival spirit by reflecting on my festival fashion and makeup looks from this year? So, without further ado, I hope you enjoy this post and like the looks I created for the festivals I attended this year. Who knows, it might inspire you for the future festivals you attend!

Kisstory On The Common – 21st July | Streatham | Old School RnB/Club Classics

To kick off the festival season I attended Kisstory on the Common in Streatham with my two bestfriends Pippa and Emma. It had a variety of acts including Fatman Scoop, Donae’o and Majestic. This was the festivals first year so we weren’t sure what to expect but for only £20 a ticket, we weren’t fussy. Honestly, the best £20 ever spent. It was such a good festival with such a good variety of acts that are great for any old school music lovers. As it was its first year, it also wasn’t hugely busy which was quite nice as getting drinks wasn’t a nightmare and you didn’t feel like sardines squashed in a tent.

As this was my first festival of the season, I started as I meant to go on: covered in glitter and vibrant colours. I honestly think this was my favourite look from all of the festivals I went to. First of all lets talk about the makeup. I won’t go into details of all the products I used otherwise this post would take days to read, but I will detail what I used on the focal point of the look which was the eyes. I created this look using the Morphe 35B (Brights) palette which is hands down the BEST colourful palette I own and will forever be my go-to for colourful looks like this one. I used the a combination of the fluorescent pink and slightly purple pink for the pink detailing in the upper crease area. I then used the lilac purple as a transition in my crease to blend the pink seamlessly with the purple. I packed on the vibrant purple on my inner and outer corner to create a halo eye, deepening it up with the darkest purple shade to create definition and dimension. I used a light wash of the vibrant purple in my lower crease to blend the dark purple and the pink together. For the glitter halo effect in the middle, I used Lime Crime’s Diamond Dew liquid shadow in the shade “Pixie” as this was the perfect iridescent pinky-purple shade I was after for the centre of the lid. I smoked out my lower lash line with a combination of the vibrant and deep purple and put Pixie along my lash line because glitter is life. The lashes I wore were Eyelure Exaggerate lashes in style 141 as they gave a lifted look to the eye with a bit more definition, but allowed my shadow to be visible.


To finish off the eye look and give it an extra pop, I added glitter tears because who wouldn’t want to cry glitter? The glitter I used was from Dust and Dance and was the 3 gram Bio-Glitter Silver pot. I adhered this to my face with the Pixie liquid shadow and pressed it on with my fingers into the shape I wanted. This was the final look (which I’m pretty proud of):

My outfit was great for two reasons: 1. it was so comfy and easy to move around in 2. it was SPARKLY. The iridescent blue sequin bandeau top I wore is from Urban Outfitters (although I’m not sure if it’s in stock anymore) and the skort I wore was the Menolly Black Frill Hem Skort from InTheStyle (again, not sure if this is still in stock). I paired this with white platform sandals from Primark (that actually broke from too much dancing) and your standard festival black bum-bag, which I’m pretty sure I got for cheap on Amazon. To complete the look, I obviously added more of the Dust and Dance glitter all over my chest and collar bones, popped a few gems from Gypsy Shrine above my brows and chucked on a pair of retro sunglasses from Primark. Here is the final look:


Tea Party Festival – 4th August | Royal Windsor Race Course | Mainstream House/Drum and Bass

The second festival I attended was Tea Party Festival in Windsor with my bestfriend Georgia, her boyfriend Andreas and coincidentally my cousins Georgia and Leah who I found at the festival. Although it is quite a low-key festiival in comparison to Reading and Leeds, Creamfields etc, it still had a variety of well-known acts including Redlight, Shadow Child, and Shift K3y.  The location of this was perfect for me as it was only a 25 minute drive away and for £40 a ticket it was a steal for a fab festival. The drinks weren’t too pricy, neither were the rides or the food which is always a bonus.

You’ll be unsurprised to hear that I continued the glitter theme with this festival look, (spoiler – as I did with pretty much every look in this post). Knowing me, I was probably in a bit of a rush as I’m always late so I didn’t do as extravagant of a makeup look this time and stuck to what I know and what I like to think I’m good at: an orange/bronze eye look. I created this with my STAPLE palette – Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance. It’s a very simple look where I only used a handful of shades. I used Burnt Orange as an all over crease colour and really blew out the crease, not worrying about it being too neat or tidy. I then packed Realgar into my inner and outer corner and packed it tightly into my crease. I blended out the edges of Realgar with Burnt Orange and added a little bit of Red Ochre into the inner and outer corners too deepen up the halo effect. I then packed Primavera on the centre of the lid, to gauge the placement for my glitter and to give it a halo eye effect. I popped Stila Magnificent Metals Liquid Eyeshadow in the shade “Kitten Karma” on top of Primavera to give the look a more dimensional feel and make my blue eyes stand out. I lined my upper and lower waterline with Maybelline Master Drama Khol EyeLiner in Ultra Black and smoked out my lower lash line with Realgar. On top of Realgar I added Kitten Karma to tie the whole look together. I didn’t wear lashes as honestly I couldn’t be bothered to faff around with them and I was already running late! To finish off the look I gave myself a glitter highlight on one side of my face with the Dust and Dance silver glitter. Unfortunately, because I’m always in a rush, I didn’t get any up close pictures of my makeup but here is the best one I have (soz for the awful quality and overused filter):


Outfit wise, I opted for the skort again as it was SO comfy the first time and the weather was so beautiful that wearing trousers would be criminal. I paired these with my black vans because you can’t really go wrong with vans, especially when you’re dancing around for 7 hours non stop. I paired these with a rose-gold sparkly cropped chainmail-eqsue top from Topshop which is lovely albeit not the thickest material. I covered my chest and arms in glitter because there is no such thing as too much. I also wore my tried and tested black bum bag because its a great size and is perfect for hiding the muffin top if placed correctly (I am a self-proclaimed pro at this). Here is the final look, plus a few of my favourite pictures from the day:


South West Four – 25th-26th August | Clapham Common | Mainstream House/Drum and Bass

South West Four is hands down my favourite festival. I went for the first time last year with my best friends Pippa and Emma and I don’t think we’ll stop going any time soon. Last year we only attended one day, but this year we went on the Saturday and Sunday and it was so worth it. This was the biggest festival I went to this year, with some of my favourite acts ever including: Chase and Status, Andy C, DJ EZ, MK, Hannah Wants, Dizzie Rascal and so many more. We were blessed with the weather on the Saturday with only a 2 minute downpour then beautiful sunshine. The same cannot be said for Sunday. It rained ALL day. But as Brits, it didn’t dampen our spirits and we weren’t so effected by it as there was an Indoor Main Stage with all of our favourite acts bar a few. Now, as it is a bigger festival, you can expect bigger queues, more disgusting toilets (once you break the seal you are DOOMED), more expensive food etc. But in my opinion, it’s all worth it for the acts and experience- even though I did pay a hefty £8.50 for chicken nuggets and chips.

Saturdays look

This is up there with my Kisstory look as my favourite festival looks from this year go. I have decided that red is one of my new favourite colours. I knew what outfit I was wearing in advance and so planned a makeup look to match. I knew I wanted to do an orangey-red smokey eye with a glitter half cut crease (what a shocker). If I’m being honest, I can’t remember the exact shades I used for this – but I did use a combination of the red/orange shades from the Morphe 35B palette (of course), the Jaclyn Hill x Morphe Palette and the Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance Palette. I placed these as I would a normal smokey eye (as I did with the halo eye but not in the inner corner) and then cut the crease half way with my trusty Kitten Karma liquid shadow. I then put my Maybelline eyeliner in my upper and lower waterline to make my eyes pop, and smudged the orange/red shades along my lower lash line. This time I did apply lashes and they were from (drum roll please)…PRIMARK. Honestly, these lashes have changed the game. They are very similar to the Lily Lashes in style Miami but for only £5! They were great quality, were easy to apply because of the thicker lash band and they stayed on my eyes all day and didn’t budge (with the help of Duo lash glue of course). I honestly think they made this look. I also added kitten karma on the lower lash line to blend into the signature glitter tears that have become a favourite of mine for festival season. Again, I was running late (do you see the theme here?) so I didn’t get any up close pictures of my eye makeup, but I did get a few selfies so here is the final look:


Onto the outfit, and this one was a WINNER. It was a little red moment and I was living my best life in the cycling shorts because they are a chaffers best friend #ThickThighsSaveLives. It was a red co-ord from Missy Empire and the fit was perfect for my slightly curvier figure as it was nice and high waisted without giving me a dreaded camel toe (praise the fashion gods). I paired this with my trusty black vans, black denim jacket and black bum bag. Not only did I feel comfy but I also felt confident in my body which I will embrace at any opportunity. To add to the red vibes, I also popped on some red tint, retro cat eye sunglasses from Pretty Little Thing which I think tied the whole look together. Obviously, I couldn’t leave without glitter so I gave myself some glitter roots, which just didn’t want to wash out, but I was LIVING for this look. Here is the final outfit and some of my favourite pics from the day:


Sundays Look

If I’m honest, there isn’t much point in me going into Sundays look as my outfit was covered by a rain mac the whole time. My makeup was effectively the same just without the glitter tears and lashes and instead of cycling shorts, I wore black popper trousers with a red stripe along the poppers from InTheStyle. It doesn’t help that I got 0 pictures, BUT I did have such a good time and the acts were insane so the rain didn’t dampen my spirits (if you’ll pardon the pun). So please appreciate the muddy white trainers, drowned rat look in the following pic:


So that is it for my festival beauty and fashion look book 2018. I really hope you enjoyed reading and either found some of this useful or inspiring for future festivals. All I wanna do now is go to a festival, so imma go and listen to my festival playlist and cut some shapes in my bedroom with my cats. Effectively the same thing right? Please let me know in the comments if you went to any festivals and if you have any recommendations for me for next year! Or if you have any beauty/fashion tips for what you wore this festival season, then I’d love to hear all about it below!

I hope you’ve loved this festival season as much as I have and that you have a fab week as always!

I’ll be back with a new post real soon, so keep an eye out.

Love, Holly x

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