Autumn/Winter Haul | 2017


Hello again my loves,

It’s taken me a little while but I have finally gotten round to doing a fashion post *wooo*. I have been crazy busy these past few weeks, working an ungodly amount of hours and getting up to my ears in second year University assignments. However, now we’re at the end of October and it’s getting a bit chilly, what better reason did I have to splurge practically my whole pay check on decking out my wardrobe, home and lifestyle with every cosy, Autumnal thing I could get my hands on? If you haven’t already noticed, Autumn is hands down one of my favourite seasons; being a typical white girl, I LIVE for anything pumpkin spice, the warm oranges/browns/mustard yellows, the fashion, all the cosy vibes and the pretty scenery that comes with the changing of the seasons! I’d say I’ve been quite reserved with my spending (well, reserved for me anyway) as it is hard for me to resist completely reinventing myself into a walking talking pumpkin. But enough of my self justification on blowing all of my money, here are the items I have bought in Autumn so far (I have put links to the bits I could find online):

In terms of fashion…

Zara Basic’s t-shirts:

Now I don’t know about you, but basic tee’s are a wardrobe must have for me. You can chuck them on with practically anything and dress it up/down/layer them with things to your hearts content! Hence why I didn’t just buy one, but I bought 3 different colours in the same style. Zara is usually good with sizing, however I like to get tees like this in a large (I’m typically a size 10-12) to give them more of an oversized, baggy look – especially when I’m tucking them into jeans/culloutes. For £4.99/£5.99 each they are an absolute steal and an essential staple to anyone’s wardrobe.

IMG_7831 IMG_7829 IMG_7828 IMG_7826 IMG_7825 IMG_7823

Primark Mustard Yellow Oversized Knit Jumper:

Ah mustard. Hate the taste, adore the colour! In autumn especially I don’t think you can beat a good mustard yellow jumper and this one from primark is every slouchy girls dream without breaking the bank! When I first picked it up I couldn’t help but gush over how soft it was. That combined with the colour had me sold. Again, I got this in a large because oversized = life, but I could have gotten away with a medium if I wanted to. For only £10.00?? I couldn’t say no, especially given the quality of the material and the fit.

IMG_7820 IMG_7819

In The Style Basic Cropped Grey T-Shirt:

It is what it says on the tin really – basic, cropped and grey. It goes with everything from leggings to jeans to skirts. It’s a really nice length as its not too cropped, it comes down to just above the belly button on my – but I’m very short so my torso may be slightly on the small side. I love that the neckline is your standard round neck that sits nicely as it really adds to the basic vibe. The material is also really nice, not overly thin or thick so perfect for layering with a nice leather jacket and scarf. At only £5.99 it’s a perfect addition to any student wardrobe.

IMG_7833 IMG_7832

Pull and Bear ‘Best Love’ T-Shirt:

I have bought a lot of t-shirts. I know. BUT, in my defence this one is different. I loved the little heart prints on this as I felt it made it look a little less basic. They are really cute and gave it a nice pop of colour so it added a little extra somethin’ to a look. The material is nice and soft and, admittedly it is thin but not see-through whatsoever. I got this in a large for more of a slouchy feel, although I feel like Pull and Bear does come up a bit on the small size for me – maybe its because they sell things based on small, medium, large. I love it and have been wearing it far too much. AND I can justify it because it was only £5.99!

IMG_7818 IMG_7813 IMG_7815

Pull and Bear Stripped Culottes with Bow:

I live in my culottes. I feel like they are any lazy girls saviour as its basically like wearing slightly more socially acceptable jogging bottoms. However, I only had one pair…until I found these. These are a lovely stretchy material so aren’t stiff and allow you lots of room to move which I love. They tie in nicely at the waist, which is good for pulling it in to hug your waist (which is what I will do when tucking all of my basic tee’s into them). The pattern gives the culottes more of a smart look to them which I love, and I also feel it adds something extra when wearing them with a plain top. I know that I will be living in these and my converse and lots of cosy jackets and jumpers for the next few months. They were priced pretty reasonably at £15.99.

IMG_7809 IMG_7807

In The Style Black Distressed High Waisted Denim Midi Skirt:

I have been looking for a skirt like this that fits me for so long now. And I finally found the one. Being a bottom heavy girl, I always find it tricky to get skirts that fit over my thighs and bum without getting stuck half way. But this one has a really nice stretch to the material which not only solves my problem for fit but also is really figure hugging and flattering. The distressed detail gives it an edgy look which I also really liked about it. It’s on InTheStyle for only £24.99.

Screen Shot 2017-10-31 at 11.03.11

Topshop High Waisted Skinny Jeans in the style ‘Joni”:

Do I even need to explain this purchase? These jeans are a staple in my wardobe ever since I got introduced to them about a year ago when I started University. Prior to this I always had trouble finding jeans to fit me (big bum, thick thigh probs) and these have just been a saviour! I love that they’re high-waisted because 1. it hides my muffin top and 2. high waisted jeans look so nice with basic tops/graphic tee’s/jumpers tucked in! They’re not the thickest material, but I don’t mind that so much as they have a lot more stretch in them than normal skinny jeans. But they are good quality and do last me a decent amount of time. I know these will be worn to death throughout the next few months! They cost me £36 (not including student discount ofc).

IMG_7805 IMG_7803

New Look Small Faux Leather Black Rucksack:

I have a new found love for rucksacks. Ever since I got my first ‘fashionable’ rucksack for Christmas last year I have worn it to death. However that one is quite big and I wanted a slightly smaller one for every day use. This gem that I picked up in New Look is the perfect size for every day use. Smaller than your standard rucksack but not too small that you won’t be able to fit stuff in it. Black goes with everything and the gold zip detail adds an extra something to make it look a bit more expensive. The quality is also fabulous and I feel like I will get a lot of use out of this. For only £16.99 I couldn’t say no.

IMG_7812 IMG_7810

Home wear (aka candles)…

Primark Candle in the scent ‘Winter Spice’:

I love quite fruity scents and this candle smells so lovely and fresh. It’s called winter spice but isn’t actually very spicy at all. I’d say it smells more like winter berries which is absolutely fine with me as I already have a more spicy candle. It’s a good size and fits perfectly on my bedside table. It was only £2.00 as well, bargain!

IMG_7839 IMG_7838

Primark Candle in the scent ‘Jasmine Woods’:

3 words: PUMKIN SPICE LATTE. Oh my god, this was the first thing I thought of when I smelt this candle in Primark. It smells like a PSL which made me way too excited. As well as the divine smell it also comes in a very cute clear jar with a copper lid that has a little fir tree statue on it. Overall, it looks so cute and festive and that combined with the to-die-for smell is any autumn-obsessed girls dream. In other words, the £5.00 spent was definitely worth it.

IMG_7836 IMG_7835 IMG_7834


So that’s it! Not too excessive…right? Let me know if you try any of the bits that I’ve detailed here, I would love to hear from you! As for me I am about to start researching for one of those assignments I mentioned (yawn). On the plus side though, later I’m having a halloween themed chill night with some of my gal pals (aka lots of wine, food and giggles). Hope you all have a lovely Halloween and a great start to November!

Love, Holly x


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