The Weekly – 3

Hello my loves,

I hope you’ve all had a lovely week! Currently sitting watching Celebrity Hunted with the fam and drinking a good cup of tea.

Just a little update on my life this week. It’s been quite eventful actually. Normal stuff in terms of lectures and seminars, but in more exciting news – I now have my own radio show! Yes, my own radio show. It’s pretty cool actually. I present it with my friend Will as a cohost. Literally just did my first show tonight and it went pretty well! Had 20 listeners at one point which was more than I was expecting (not ground breaking figures I know, but it’s a start). It’s a Throwback Thursday theme which I thought was perfect for getting people excited for the weekend, not to mention naughties RnB is my all time favourite genre of music. If you ever fancy a listen from 6-7 on a Thursday night, you can head over to to tune in to some good songs and general chit chat between me and my pal Will.

In other news, I have work this weekend but I’m also going shopping/having a girly day with my best friends from home Pippa and Emma. I think we’re going into London to do some shopping, although I will be window shopping as my funds are currently low (bring on pay day pls). So I’m really looking forward to that!

I’m also finally getting better at regularly posting on here. My first post about AW Skincare has got a good response so far so I’m pretty happy with that! I’ll try and do at least 1 post a week, but I have lots of uni deadlines coming up in November so I do apologise if the blog looks sparse from time!

I hope you all have a lovely weekend wherever you are!

Love, Holly x

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