The Weekly – 2

Hello my lovelies,

Sorry for being a bit M.I.A these past few weeks! Believe it or not I have actually been surprisingly busy. Now I’ve finally got a moment to myself, I’m having a snuggle with my fluffy baby boy (aka my cat) Charlie on the sofa whilst catching up on my guilty pleasure Gogglebox; the pinacle of all Friday nights, I know. With a cup of tea in hand I can relax and update you a bit on my week.

I started my second year of Politics at University of Surrey this week and my god…I haven’t even properly began learning content yet but I’m already stressing. At the end of the the first week I have been set twelve assessments for this semester alone. TWELVE. Is that legal? Oh well, I will have to just make sure I prepare in advance and do all of the essential reading (even I’m not convincing myself of that statement). The modules I have in this semester are pretty interesting though: Making Public Policy, International Political Economy, Theorising International Relations, a Placement Year module and Approaches to Research (yawn this one is pretty boring). In spite of the stress that comes with them, it has been a very interesting and exciting induction week. Alongside lectures I have been to some politics society socials, watching Liar/Bake Off/Doctor Foster (as always) with my uni gal pals, and we all went to our first student club night at our resident club on campus (Citrus is life, shout out DJ Leroy). Just a typical uni student week really, not very exciting for some of you but a week in the life for me.

Next week should be much of the same, no doubt you will be getting an update on that too in the next weekly! I have a few more posts in the pipeline that I have started drafting, so keep an eye out for them in the next few weeks!

Hope your week hasn’t been too strenuous and that you have some nice plans this weekend, let me know in the comments below if you’d like! For me it’s just work (bleurgh) and then a family roast on Sunday, so something to look forward to!

You’ll be hearing from me again very soon!

Love, Holly x

2 thoughts on “The Weekly – 2

  1. I can really relate to alot of your posts because I live in a family with an older sibling and she can be a bit annoying aswell but I take longer than an hour to do my makeup even on a good run thanks for the tips and tricks .
    Randy xx


    1. Randy, I’m glad my posts can help you out! Good luck with your annoying sibling, I know exactly what you mean but we love them anyway! Haha, maybe one day we will learn to do our makeup quickly! Happy reading of my blog! Love, Holly x


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