The Weekly – 1

I’ve written and deleted this opening sentence so many times now that my tea has gone cold, so I’m just gonna go for it. I guess this first post can be an opportunity to welcome you (whoever you are, if there is actually a ‘you’) to my blog! As you can probably tell I’m a bit (a lot) of a rambler, and if that bothers you then unfortunately you won’t last here very long. I intend these ‘Weekly’ posts to be diary entries where you get a bit more of an insight into my week, although they will all be pretty bog standard as my life isn’t very fancy. But since this is my first one ever I’ll tell you a bit about myself instead so I don’t seem like a total stranger.

I found out today that, having passed my resit, I will be continuing my university experience as a second year Politics undergraduate (yay, no more calculus thank god). I had started at the University of Surrey as a Politics and Economics student but soon came to find that university level maths/any type of maths was not really my thing. I’m definitely more of a creative person, and personally I find letters are better used for making words than constructing meaningless algebra. I also work at Waitrose part time (woo big up JLP) and have done for 3 years – gutting fish, slicing cheese, making coffee, so you could say I have a pretty glamorous job.

But some more on me as a person; I’d say I’m a confident, loud (for someone who’s only 5ft 2) and outgoing blondie with an abnormally strong love for cats – especially my two babies Charlie and Lola. I’m currently living at home in Ruislip, West London with my brother Harry who’s 14 (and very annoying) and my two nutty but ever supportive parents Debs and Pete. I’m a very family orientated person so I love spending time with them, and even though they do love to take the mick out of me, it’s allowed me to be able to laugh at myself and not take life too seriously, so I’ll always thank them for that. I’m also lucky to have a great group of friends from all sorts of places (god knows how they put up with me) and they will be featuring on this blog from time to time as well.

If I’m not spending time with my family or friends or working then most of the time I will be here, on the internet, watching Youtube/browsing social media. I admit that I spend way too much time online, not that this blog will help that, but I love socialising online and of course all of the memes that come with it (or me-mays in Gemma Collins’ famous words). As well as my love for watching Youtube, it also inspired another love of mine – beauty. If I’m not watching makeup tutorials then I’m buying (too much) makeup or practicing looks on myself. My mum would say I’m obsessed but I won’t admit that to her. I like to think I’m ok at it, although it might be because on a good run it takes me about an hour and a half for a full face…

So here you have it, an official ‘Welcome’ or ‘Jambo!’ to my blog (if you understand the Mean Girls reference then you’re more than welcome here). I hope this long, rambly post hasn’t put you off reading about the rest of my mediocre, stereotypical white girl life on this blog. I promise my life isn’t always dull and boring and if it is then I will try not to make it seem that way! This is just a snippet of my life, so stick around to live it with me. Have a lovely day/night wherever you are in the world, you’ll be hearing from me very soon.

Love, Holly x

One thought on “The Weekly – 1

  1. Hello Holly, this is my first experience with bloggers and I am really enjoying your content! You are one amazing girl and I love how you can show your passion in the things you love and enjoy. Keep it up, I’ll be reading on.
    Randy xx

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